• A non-returnable booking fee of 50% of the total bill is payable at the time of booking, your booking will not be guaranteed/reserved until this payment is received. Payment of your booking fee or payment in full signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • We will advise you of the balance 14-21 days prior to the date of the function for which the balloons are required. This must be paid in full not less than 14 days before the function. Please check your invoice carefully to ensure that everything you have ordered is shown, as the invoice will form our checklist when we are decorating/preparing for your function. Please inform us of any mistakes immediately.
  • Should balloon designs which you have ordered become discontinued, you agree to us using an alternative design within the same colour theme.
  • Alterations to the original order can be made up to the time that we order the stock from our suppliers, ANY ALTERATIONS MADE AFTER THIS TIME WILL BE SUBJECT TO AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • It is essential that the telephone number of the venue and of the keyholder be supplied to us so that we may confirm/arrange a time to construct your decorations. Balloon decorating is a very time-consuming job and can be done on the day of the function – so access to the venue may need to be earlier than you may expect. We cannot be held responsible for any problems which may arise from our not being able to gain access to the venue at a time suitable to us. Please make sure that the venue staff are fully aware that we will need access prior to the start of your event.
  • The safe keeping and return to Bromley Cross Balloons, of returnable fixings, display pieces and hire or loan equipment is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed.
  • As per our NABAS code of conduct & PEBA’s safe balloon practices, you agree to discard of your party balloons safely after use, DO NOT release them as they could be a hazard/danger to our environment and wildlife.
  • During extreme weather conditions it may not be possible for Bromley Cross Balloons to deliver your balloons, should this happen we will contact you at the earliest opportunity so that you can make alternative arrangements to collect your balloons. If you have paid for delivery and set up, this payment will be refunded in full.
  • Balance refunds cannot be made on functions cancelled less than 7 days before the event. Suitable insurance should be taken to cover this eventuality
  • The contract is binding on both parties unless amended by mutual consent

I have read and agree to the above conditions: (please print name)


Non-refundable deposit of £……….… received with thanks …………………………………………..

signed & dated by shop representative

Download a copy of these terms to print out – Click Here


Uninflated or broken balloons and balloon ribbon could be a choking or suffocation hazard especially for young children and infants.

Adults should supervise children under the age of eight at all times and discard any broken balloons immediately.

Never put a balloon, or piece of a balloon in or near the mouth.

NEVER inhale the helium from either an inflated balloon or a helium cylinder.


Inhaling helium can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness.

  • Do not release any balloons outdoors as this could interfere with electric power lines and be a hazard/danger to our environment and wildlife.

Caring For Your Balloons

 To make your balloons float, they have been filled with helium.  Helium is a safe, non-flammable gas that is lighter than air and safe for the environment.  Please do not inhale the helium.

Our latex balloons are made from 100% biodegradable, natural rubber.  Standard 11” latex balloons will float for approximately 12 to 15 hours, depending on the environment in which they are placed/stored.  Latex balloons that have been specially treated with a balloon flight extender will float even longer.

Our foil balloons will float for 3 to 10 days, depending on the size.  Foil balloons can conduct electricity if they come into contact with power lines.  Please make sure your foil balloons are always attached to a weight, and never release them. If mistreated foil balloons can deflate, do not bang them around, change the temperature too many times or use them as a toy, this will degrade the balloon life.

Our bubble balloons will float for 3 to 10 days depending on the size and our aqua balloons will float for 18 hours to 3 days depending on the size and depending on the environment in which they are placed/stored. Vinyl lettering on these balloons is not guaranteed but if the balloons are kept at a constant temperature the vinyl should remain intact and bubble free.

All helium filled balloons are affected by temperature.  Please don’t leave them in a hot car or boot and do not have the air conditioning on full or blowing directly on them.  If they get rained on and start to droop, don’t worry – they’ll float again when dry.  Cold will deflate foil balloons, warmer temperatures will re-inflate them.  Balloons will be slightly underinflated during hot weather to prevent them from bursting.  Latex balloons become cloudy when exposed to temperature changes, so please keep all balloons at a steady temperature.

Balloons can pop, while we use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons leave our door or we have left the venue, they are out of our control.

Balloons are not toys and are for display purposes only

Please ask if you are unsure how to look after your balloons